Most Popular Villain of Tamil Cinema who Acted in More than A 1000 Films! Exemplary Human Being in Real Life!

M N Nambiar was undoubtedly the Most Popular Villain of Tamil Cinema! He was also the most celebrated religious Guru and extremely disciplined individual and exemplary Human Being in Real Life! In a glorious career spanning over six decades he acted in more than a 1000 films. He started off his career as a comedian in the movie Bhaktha Ramadass released in the year 1935 and went on to act in plays with the Boys Company and continued acting in small roles in several movies. His first big break came in the year 1950 with the movie Digambara Samiyar under the Modern Theatres banner in which he appeared in 11 different characters (in disguise)! From then on, though having started as a comedian and lead actor he did extremely well in negative roles and acted with all leading actors of 4 different generations. He was MGR's favourite villain and like MGR was an expert in using a sword, silambam and wrestling expert and an expert in horse back riding and used to do most of his fight scenes without using a body double! In his personal life he was a vegetarian, teetotaler, non-smoker and extremely disciplined with a focus on maintaining his physical fitness and health. He was also the spiritual Guru of many others from the Tamil Movie Industry. Though he was a favourite co-star of many in the industry his own favourite actors in his own words were M R Radha and Savitri. This particular song is from the 1957 movie in which Nambiar plays a rare non-negative role starring alongside Sivaji, Banumathi, Kannaambaa, M N Rajam, V K Ramasamy and others. The song features Nambiar and M N Rajam. Music for the movie was composed by K V Mahadevan and the lyrics were written by A Maruthakasi. The song was sung by P B Srinivas and Sarojini. The movie was produced by V K Ramasamy and A P Nagarajan and was directed by K Somu.

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