Dancing Sensation of Bollywood with the Greatest Actor Ever! First Rock Song of Tamil Cinema!

In was the year 1958. Helen who had just then become a dancing sensation in Bollywood, was brought to the world of Tamil Cinema by the famous dance master Heera Lal to perform alongside Sivaji, in the Super Hit Song Yaaradee Nee Mohini in the movie Uthama Puthiran. The movie was written by C V Sridhar and directed by T Prakash Rao. Helen's eventful early life and childhood filled with an enormous struggle for survival including the time during which she and her family had to Walk from Burma to India through dense forests and difficult terrain, is truly an inspiration. Having come into movies to support her mother who was a nurse Helen soon became a dancing Super star in the mid 50's.
This song serves as the introduction to the Vikraman character of Sivaji who is brought up by Nambiar, his uncle as a Hedonist ('bhogi') and pleasure seeker. This is undoubtedly one of the outstanding dance performances of Sivaji during his entire career. When asked by Kamal Hassan about this song and the dance sequences in it, during an interview for a programme done by Doordharshan, Sivaji had replied that the entire credit goes to the dance master Heera Lal. The credit for having brought Helen to Tamil Cinema also goes to him. Helen sparkles with her brilliant dance performance in this song.
Due credit has to be given to the other dancers as well who have done an equally good job. It is one of the best performances of Helen as well who has acted in more than 700 films during her career. The festive and celebratory mood of the song is brought out best by the humorous way in which the director has made both OAK Thevar and Nambiar join in the dance in the end! Music for the song was composed by the legendary music director G Ramanathan and the lyrics by Ku Ma Balasubramaniam. the song was sung by TMS, A P Komala, Jamuna Rani and Jikki. Enjoy the song!

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