Relatively Unknown Song from an Iconic Super Hit Movie! Perfect Depiction of Tradition and Culture! Truly Relevant to Contemporary Issues!

This relatively Unknown Song is from the Iconic Super Hit Movie Veerapaandiya Kattabomman which has attained a cult classic status in the history of Tamil Cinema! It is also a perfect depiction of tradition and culture and is truly relevant to contemporary issues almost 60 years after the movie was released! Enough and more has been written about the great performance of Sivaji in this movie. In this particular song Sivaji acts as a fan of his brave and valiant commander Gemini Ganesan's courage in Taming the mighty bull of Vellaiyamma played by Padmini. The story of Vellaiyamma depicting her fondness for her fiercely brought up mighty bull and her admiration and affection for the Courageous Commander who tames her bull, not just serves the purpose of adding a romantic flavor to the movie but also depicts the culture and tradition prevailing in those times.
Today's materialistic world and contorted society has transmogrified culture and tradition to such an extent that an individual is rated not by his mental toughness, courage and compassion but by the depth and width of his wallet, credit and debit cards and his bank account! Taming the bull involves as much mental toughness as physical strength if not more. Just as animals can sense and smell fear they can sense calmness and warmth in human beings and tend to be soothed by such qualities in human beings. The story of Vellaiyamma in this movie, shows how a girl will trust a man with these qualities and none better that her trusted and fierce pet the mighty bull to authenticate these qualities!
Her fondness for her fiery pet can be seen in this song! The taming of the bull and Gemini's great performance as a multi faceted Actor and Super Star can be seen in this clip. The variety of majestic and mighty Kangeyam Kaalai used in this movie can be seen in this pic. The dialogues in this move have been crafted with so much of passion! The simple dialogue between the heroine and her friend is an example of this by portraying the Courage and Valour of the Commander using just a few words spoken by the heroine's friend (S Muthulakshmi) as soon as Gemini jumps into the stadium to tame the bull! The song has been written by Ku Ma Balasubramaniam and the music for the movie has been composed by G Ramanathan. The song has been sung by P Susheela.