Three Great Legends of Tamil Cinema with a Flair for Comedy! Blessed with Great Comic Timing! End Result One Hilarious Song!

MGR, Nagesh and Manorama have acted in several movies together and have been part of several comic sequences during their individually illustrious and outstanding movie careers. These great legends of Tamil cinema have an amazing flair for comedy and are truly blessed with an intuitive sense of comic timing which is an absolute necessity for any successful actor. There has been enough and more said and written about Nagesh and Manorama's comical talent and their ability to do comic roles. MGR's flair for comedy and his innate ability to do comic roles with effortless ease is something that hasn't been written about much. MGR has written extensively about his journey filled with struggles and milestones and guided by the positive influence and inspiration of great many legends and doyens in the Tamil movie industry. That MGR had been influenced greatly by N S Krishnan both in his personal life and professional life is a known fact. MGR has also mentioned that actors such as Kali N Ratnam of 'Sabapathy' fame, were great influence in his stage and movie careers. If N S Krishnan had influenced MGR to do comic sequences with a social message such as this song, it was actors such as Kali N Ratnam who had influenced him to do comic sequences that were simple yet compelling and acceptable to and enjoyed by all sections of the audience. This hilarious hit song is from the move Chandrodhayam released in the year 1966 starring MGR, Jayalalitha, Bharathi, S A Asokan, R S Manohar, M.R.Radha, Nagesh, Manorama, M.N.Nambiar and others. Though the title of this post says Three Legends - One Hilarious song, there are four other Legends in the background who have contributed to the success of this song! TMS and Seerrghazhi who have sung this song in their own inimitable styles, Vaali who has written this song with such an important social message which is all the more relevant in these modern times, to couples in married life, and MSV who has composed the music for this song!