MGR's Prophetic Advice to His Followers in the Year 1963! Fits the Prevailing Situation Perfectly Like a Bespoke Savile Row Suit Even Today After a Gap of 54 Years!

MGR made it a habit to get completely involved in the process of creation of all the songs in his movies and always sat in during the discussion between the lyricist and the music director during a song's composition. Vaali had mentioned this as a positive influence and had given examples of MGR's positive contribution to the development of lyrics of several songs in several movies in his interviews. Though Kannadasan had not always taken these incidents on a positive note, during the early 60s when the personal relations between MGR and Kannadasan had been on friendlier terms, several super hit songs had been created and composed by this extremely talented team and remain popular till today! This particular song is one such creation by this popular team along with the famous Music Director Duo Viswanathan Ramamoorthy in the movie Panathottam released in the year 1963. Several songs of MGR had proven to be prophetic and had literally predicted the future events and happenings with uncanny accuracy. This song seems to fit the prevailing situation today after the passing away of Jayalalitha, MGR's protégé and the sequence of events that have followed resulting in the current situation fraught with uncertainty. Just listen to the lyrics which seem to reflect the mindset of MGR's followers 30 years after he passed away and offer them some hope and consolation during these uncertain times. The movie was directed by K Sankar and the song was sung by TMS.