Tamil Actress, Classical Dance Exponent, Politician and Bollywood Superstar! The Versatile and Inimitable Artist - Vyjayanthimala

In the year 1940 an Indian Cultural Delegation was on a tour of Europe. From amongst those who were present in the delegation a 5 year old child was chosen to deliver a classical dance performance in front of the Pope. The Pope was very impressed with the confident performance of the child and had presented the child with a silver medallion. That was the first step and performance of Vyjayanthimala, a very auspicious start to an artistic career that saw glorious achievements over several decades from then on. She made her entry into the Tamil Movie Industry in 1949, under the mentorship of the most able and the biggest directorial and production name in Tamil Cinema, the Legendary A V Meiyappan with the movie Vaazhkai and the rest, as the hackneyed saying goes, is history! She went on to become a leading actress in Tamil and the first female Superstar in Hindi. Her fiery dance-off with Padmini in Vanjikottai Vaaliban is one of the most memorable dance performances in the history of Indian Cinema. This song featuring her along with Gemini from Parthiban Kanavu showcases her talent and is a testament to her ability to deliver subtle, controlled and convincing performances. Music is by the great composer Vedha of Modern Theatres fame. This one composition by him is more than sufficient to silence his critics who criticize him as being fit just for adaptations of Hindi Songs. Lyrics by Kannadasan. This Song is a tribute to the Living Legend Vyjayanthimala.