Street Singer to Singing Sensation and Legendary Super Star! The Truly Golden Voice of Tamil Cinema!

As a young girl K B Sundarambal used to sing in the streets and on trains to earn what little she could to help her family and make ends meet, until she was discovered by a drama troupe owner and taken to the world of Singing and Stage acting. The rest as the clich├ęd saying goes, is history! She became a singing sensation and a super star on the stage. Her only voice training had been in the streets and on the train which helped her to become one of the greatest voices of the Tamil Stage and the Tamil Movie Industry. Her performance with S G Kittappa (her spouse) in Valli Thirumanam established her as the 'Queen of Indian Stage'. She entered the movie industry in 1935 and starred in several memorable films. Reportedly she was the first Tamil Cinema Artist to have commanded a price of Hundred Thousand Rupees for a single movie. Though she had played several characters which remain etched permanently in the minds of the audience it was her portrayal of Auvaiyaar in several movies that remains fresh and evergreen and cuts across audiences of several decades. This particular song from the movie Thiruvilayadal is part of the history of Tamil Cinema. All the songs in this movie were written by the great Kannadasan with the exception of this song which has been written by two lyricists. The first part of the song was written by Sankaradas Swamigal who was one of the pioneers of Tamil Theater and the second part was written by Kannadasan himself. Music for the song was composed by the truly blessed music director K V Mahadevan and sung by the Legendary K B Sundarambal, starring in one of her most famous performances as Avvaiyar. Credit goes to the great director A P Nagarajan who had brought together such great legends to create an all time great masterpiece.