The Unknown Side of SSR! 'Idealistic Actor' and A True Philanthrope!

An Idealistic Person is one who cherishes and pursues noble principles, purposes and goals in life. S S R was known as the Latchiya Nadigar (Idealistic Actor) of the Tamil Movie Industry. What is unknown to many is that he had truly lived up to that title and led a life filled with compassion and had always been willing to help the needy. It was his efforts and philanthropy that had helped the people of  his constituency Andipatti recover  from disaster, while he was in the AIADMK, when a whole village was washed away during floods in the early 80's. He had purchased acres of land using his own money and donated it to the people of the village. They had showed their gratitude to him by naming the village Rajendran Nagar. Later on when a similar disaster struck in the OMR region adjoining Chennai, he had once again helped the people who were affected by purchasing acres of land for them and this time the place was named SSR Nagar. He was known for his impeccable diction and dialogue delivery and had acted in several hit movies during his film career. He had co-starred in several super hit movies with Sivaji Ganesan and this song is from once such movie Aalayamani also featuring Saroja Devi, Vijayakumari, M.R. Radha, Rajamma & Pushpalatha. Directed by K.S. Alankar and music by Viswanathan - Ramamurthy.