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The Unsung Superstar of Tamil Cinema - The Other Ganesan!

Due to his iconic and supremely dominant status in the Tamil Movie industry, the first and more often, the only Ganesan whose name is at the top of every single Tamil Movie fan is that of  the truly legendary actor Sivaji Ganesan. The other Ganesan who was a contemporary of Sivaji and arguably, equally famous on and off the screen was Gemini Ganesan. Gemini had acted in more than 200 movies in a film career that spanned over a 50 years. He had acted with Sivaji in several films that were and are super hits even now. He had given multiple Golden Jubilee hits on his own with several leading directors of the industry. Be it comical roles, negative roles, supporting roles or leading roles, he had done them all brilliantly with a deceptively effortless ease. Yet he has always been the Unsung Superstar in the sense that people always talk about Sivaji and MGR as the two pillars of the Tamil Movie industry and don't give Gemini the status and respect he truly deserves! Just Tamil Songs Salutes Gemini Ganesan's achievements and acknowledges his contribution to the Tamil Movie Industry by way of posting this super hit song of his from the early 1950s.

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