Mentor, Guru and Inspiration to the Greatest Actor Ever! The Inimitable M R Radha - A True Legend!

The person to be thanked for being the prime reason for the introduction to the acting profession of Legendary Actor M R Radha and for his entry into movies is his mother. Apparently when Radha had been a little boy his mother had refused to give him an extra piece of fish to eat during a meal. Radha, typical of his character, had left his house in protest over this incident at that young age and went on to become a stage artist at the age of 10. Eventually he formed his own drama troupe and saw a meteoric rise in his acting career. He was acknowledged as one of the greatest stage artists ever. Though his inevitable entry into the movie industry happened in the 1940s his first great success was in 1954 when his own play Raththa Kanneer was made into a super hit movie by Krishnan-Panju in 1954. He established himself as one of the greatest Actors to have ever graced the silver screen by playing several memorable characters in hundreds of movies. Sivaji Ganesan, the greatest actor ever had mentioned in an interview to Doordharshan that it was actors such as M R Radha and T S Balaiah who had groomed and inspired him during the early stages of his acting career. M R Radha, though known and recognized more for his portrayal of negative roles, had also excelled in comic roles. This hilarious song featuring M R Radha along with Sivaji and Balaji is a true example of his ability to relish and revel in comic roles in his own inimitable style. Enjoy this song from Baley Pandia composed by Viswanathan-Ramamoorthy and written by Kannadasan.