Two Ramachandrans TR and MG - Two Legends of Tamil Cinema Together in a Comical Song (1960)!

T R Ramachandran and M G Ramachandran were both born in the same year 1917 and in the same month January (9th and 17th respectively). Both are true legends of Tamil Cinema in their own right. MGR made his debut in the year 1936 with the movie Sathi Leelavathy. T R Ramachandran's debut movie was Nanda Kumar in the year 1938. T R Ramachandran saw early success in the year 1941 with the Cult Classic Movie of Tamil Cinema, 'Sabapathy', produced and directed by AVM. MGR's first big hit was in the year 1947 with Rajakumari under the Jupiter Pictures banner. After that the meteoric rise and success of MGR is well known and well documented. T R Ramachandran had his own share of success as an individual hero and as a co-star. He acted in several hit movies with Sivaji Ganesan. He then went on to do comical and supporting roles in many films. This hit song features both these legends in a rare appearance together with two other legends, M N Nambiar and Vyjayanthi Mala. The Movie is Bagdad Thirudan, Lyrics, A Maruthakasi and Music is by G Govindarajulu Naidu who was the Musical Guru of the Legendary K B Sundarambal!