Greatest Comic Genius of All Time! - Nagesh! Over a Thousand Movies in a Career Spanning More Than 50 Years!

Nagesh is undoubtedly one of the greatest comedy actors the world has ever seen. In a career spanning over 50 years that saw him playing innumerable roles as a comedian, hero, villain and supporting actor in more than 1000 films, he ruled the Tamil Movie Industry like no other, with his immense talent, versatility and comic genius. He entered the Industry in 1958 and was a contemporary of the greatest comedy actors of the Tamil Movie industry such as NSK, Danaal Thangavelu, Chandra Babu, T S Balaiah, T R Ramachandran and others. Cho Ramasamy his contemporary at a later stage in Nagesh's career had mentioned in an autobiographical series which he had written in the Popular Tamil weekly magazine Kumudham had compared Nagesh's acting ability to that of the Legendary Sivaji Ganesan! Kamal Hassan too has echoed the same views in several of his interviews. You can read more about his early life and career here. This particular song features Nagesh playing a country lad, one of the two roles he plays with great aplomb in the super hit comedy movie Anubhavi Raja Anubhavi, directed by K Balachander. The other song Muthu Kulikka Vaarehalaa which he performs along with Manorama in ths movie is equally famous. The song was sung by TMS written by Kannadasan and music was composed by MSV. Kannadasan's description of Madras (Chennai) holds good even today, though it is exactly 50 years after this movie was made.