Live Life with Conviction and Purpose. Means and Everlasting Fame Will Follow!

This is a hit song from the movie Panam Padaithavan starring MGR, Sowckar Janaki, K.R. Vijaya, Nagesh, T.S. Balayya, S.A. Asokan, R.S. Manohar and others released in the year 1965. The movie was produced and directed by T R Ramanna. The song features a dance sequence based on the Western Dance Style of Ball Room dancing. The lyrics written by Vaali echoed the thoughts and ideas of MGR who always practiced in real life what he preached through his movies. If you live with purpose and with conviction about the principles for which you stand by, respecting the words of your forefathers without forgetting the path shown by them, then this is what is considered as being human and civilized. Living life with such strong conviction and purpose is what will make people remember one forever and keep any one in their heart and thoughts long after the person is gone. This is the essence of the lyrics of this wonderful song written by Vaali. And MGR lived his life exactly based on these guiding principles and no wonder that he remains in the hearts and thoughts of millions of people even today long after (30 years) he passed away. Tribute to MGR on the occasion of his 100th Birth Anniversary.  Nagesh's antics as a side track to the main dance as always enhances the enjoyability of the song!  Music has been composed by the great Composer (duo) Viswanathan - Ramamoorthy.