Humorous Song featuring Three Superstars of Tamil Cinema! Suspense Thriller Comedy Series from the 1960s!

This is a humorous song from the hit movie Naan starring Jayalalitha, Ravichandran, Muthuraman, Nagesh, Mannorama Manohar and others. Naan is a story about a young rich boy, Raja the only son of Raja Raghunath Devar. Raja celebrates his birthday with his poor friends, which is not acceptable to his father since it affects his status. This arrogant behavior of his father makes Raja to runaway from his house. Few years later when Raja Raghunath wants his son back, three different individuals, R S Manohar, Ravichandran and Nagesh turn up claiming to be the heir! In the end the final answer to this multiple choice question, about who the true heir amongst the three contenders mentioned earlier, turns out to be 'None of the Above"!This song featuring three superstars of Tamil Cinema, Jayalalitha, Nagesh and Manorama, has been sung by L R Easwari and Sirgazhi Govindarajan and the music has been composed by T K Ramamurthy. The movie was directed by T R Ramanna. This song was written by Kannadasan showcasing his flair for comedy while two other songs in this movie were written by Vaali. Jayalalitha matches Nagesh and Manorama by exhibiting her comic timing and sense of humour along with her histrionic ability! She excels in the way she has portrayed herself humorously in this comical song sequence.