Two Great Voices! One Violin Virtuoso Unrecognized as a Composer! One Unsung Lyricist! - Great Song!

Two Great Voices! One Violin Virtuoso not recognized to the extent that he deserves to be  as a Composer! One Unsung Lyricist! All these greats have come together to create this Great Song!This is a song from the movie Agathiyar featuring two of the Greatest Voices of all time, paying their tribute to Lord Shiva through music. T R Mahalingam and Sirgazhi Govindarajan who have played the roles of Agathiyar and Naradhar in this movie have rendered this song impeccably in their own inimitable styles. Such true original voices are extremely rare, combined with such great classical music talent has created this timeless classic. Credit goes to the multifaceted legendary violin exponent and music composer Kunnakudi Vaidyanathan for having showcased the divine talent of such great singers with his composition. The lyrics for this movie was written by one of the unsung heroes of the Tamil Movie Industry, Ulundurpettai Shanmugam.