Tribute to Mahatma Gandhi

This is a hit song from the movie Naam Iruvar (1947), starring T R Mahalingam, T R  Ramachandran, V K Ramasami, T A Jayalakshmi, Baby Kamala and others. This song features Baby Kamala who later went on to become a dancing super star of the Tamil Movie industry in her own right. The plot is as follows. T R Mahalingam plays the part of Sukumar, the son of a black-marketer  who falls in the company of evil friends and invests his money in making a film in accordance with their advice. However, the film never sees the light of the day and leaves Sukumar heavy in debt. He is eventually questioned by financiers and when he fails to pay them, is dragged to court. How he is rescued from his perilous situation forms the climax of the story. At the end of the movie, Sukumar becomes a nationalist and a Gandhian. Nam Iruvar also marked the debut of V. K. Ramasamy who plays the role of an evil old man who desires to marry Sukumar's lady-love Kannamma. The film had a prominent comedy track provided by T. R. Ramachandran of Sabapathy fame. (Courtesy Wikipedia) Music was composed by R Sudarsanam and the song was written by Kothamangalam Subbu. The song was sung by M S Rajeswari. The movie was produced and directed by AVM.