Simple Lyrics! Profound Lessons for the Journey of Life! Truly Blessed Lyricist! One Outstanding Composer! Great Song!

Kannadasan through the simple lyrics of this song has delivered to the world some great advice and profound lessons for accepting and facing the Journey of Life with calmness and courage. The journey of life begins with your birth which is definitely not in your control. (Aarambathil Pirappum Un Kaiyil Illai). The sequence of events that follow in your life too are absolutely not in your control, though one likes to believe it is otherwise! (Pin Aduthadutha Nadappum Un Kaiyil Illai). The entire course of your life has been designed, pre-destined and laid out before you at the time of your birth. This being the case there is no point in being scared of the future. (Paadhai Vahutha Pinbu Bhayanthenna Laabham). Just look life in its face and live it out with out any fears, guilt or regret, hence this was what you were destined to do during this life time! (Payanam Nadathividu Marainthidum Paavam). These four lines are a perfect and simple extract of the great Bhagavadh Gita! Kannadasan is truly a blessed lyricist! The last part of the song is about hope and faith and belief in the fact that today was a good day and tomorrow will be better day! Apparently when Kannadasan came up with the lyrics of the other song Kelviyin Nayahane, K Balachander had literally fallen at his feet and thanked him for having visualized the climax of the movie in such a lucid manner through the words of the song thereby simplifying the process of shooting the last part of the movie for him! (As told by actor Mohan Ram in a recent TV Interview).

This outstanding composition by the Great MSV is from the movie Apoorva Raagangal (1975) directed by K. Balachander. The film features Kamal Haasan & Srividya in lead roles with Rajinikanth, Jayasudha, Nagesh, Major Sundar Rajan and others in supporting roles. The Kannadasan - MSV pairing is truly an act of God done in order to give the world innumerable timeless classics. There are so many stories behind this song and this movie. This is Rajnikanth's first movie. Srividhya plays the role of a Character inspired by her mother the Great Carnatic Vocalist M L Vasanthakumari. This story is inspired by the 25th story of the legend of Baital Pachisi from 2500 years back.Two creative geniuses have come together to create this timeless classic. Incidentally this song has been sung by Vani Jayaram who came to the Tamil Movie Industry after an initial stint in Bollywood.