Auspicious First Song! Super Hit First Movie! Starting Point of A Phenomenal Acting Career!

This is Kamal Hassan's first movie and first song, marking the beginning of a phenomenal and illustrious film career spanning over six decades and going strong even now! Kalathur Kannama is a Tamil romantic drama film starring Gemini, Savithri, Kamal and others. Gemini Ganesan meets Savithri in a Train and falls in love with her. Savithri is the daughter of S V Subbaiah who works for Balaiah. Balaiah the father of Gemini who is opposed to his son marrying beneath his status, convinces Savithri to leave the village. Savithri gives birth to a baby boy, who is however left at an Orphanage by her dad Subbaiah. Finally, Balaiah reveals the truth to Gemini Ganesan and he reunites with Savithri. There have been varying accounts of the story regarding Kamal Hassan's entry into this film: V. S. Srinivasan of Rediff once said that young Hassan had accompanied a doctor who had gone to treat an ill woman at the residence of A V Meiyappan. On hearing a loud noise from a first-floor tenant of the bungalow, the doctor was concerned that it was disturbing his patient. Young Kamal Hassan strode up the stairway to ask the noisemaker (AVM) not to shout over the phone as he was disturbing someone who was ill, leaving the person astonished. An impressed Meiyappan later provided Kamal Hassan an entry into films through this movie. However, the other version is that when Hassan accompanied a family doctor of Meiyappan to his house, Meiyappan's son, producer M. Saravanan noticed Hassan as a hyperactive and bold child. He took him over and introduced young Kamal Hassan to his dad Meiyappan who was looking for a young boy to act in Kalathur Kannamma. The rest as they say is history! Six Decades and more to come of a phenomenal acting and movie career! Music: R. Sudarsanam, Direction: A. Bhimsingh. Lyrics: Vaali, Singer: M S Rajeswari.