Sun's Thousand Arms! The Greatest Actor Ever as the Greatest Archer and Philanthropist in History!

This is a hit song from the Cult Classic Hit Movie Karnan starring Sivaji Ganesan, NTR, Asokan, Muthuraman, Savithri, Devika, Rajamma and others. This song written by Kannadasan as a prayer and tribute to the Sun God, is on par with the greatest classics of Tamil Literature from thousands of years ago! The music is by MSV and the song has been impeccably rendered by the three legends of Tamil Movie Industry TMS, Sirgazhi Govindarajan and PBS. What an amazing and rare combination of three great voices of three great legendary singers of Tamil Cinema. Sivaji has not just portrayed the character of the great philanthropist and ultimate archer, Karnan whose immensely charitable nature has been brought out by the wonderful lyrics of Kannadasan in this song. Sivaji has impeccably personified and literally lived as the great Karnan in this movie! Enjoy the song!