Can See a Bright Future Ahead! Two Great Geniuses at Work Again Supported by A Team of Extremely Talented Craftsmen!

This is a hit song from the movie Pachai Villakku, starring Sivaji, SSR, Vijayakumari, Nagesh, SV Ranga Rao and others. It is yet again the classic combination of Sivaji, TMS, Kannadasan and Viswanathan - Ramamoorthy. The true genius of Sivaji and Nagesh as a perfect pair, never ceases to amaze and impress the audience with the kind of magical synergy the two of them seem to create on the screen, every time they come together in a movie, be it for a song of for a comical sequence. In this particular song though Nagesh is not actually singing the song, watching his reactions to Sivaji's singing along with his actions and emotive performance, one can truly understand Nagesh's clalibre which is truly on par with that of Sivaji! The same is true for another song from the same movie Kelvi Piranthathu Andru. If you listen carefully to the background music in the song you can hear the sound of the train whenever you see the train in the visual! That is the kind of involvement of the entire team in the making of a film that was the norm and what you got in that Golden Era of Tamil Cinema and hence you were never disappointed with the quality of any film after watching it. The movie was directed by Bhim Singh and was released in the year 1964. The famous Editor B. Lenin is Bhim Singh's son.