A Rare Song from the 1976 Movie "Mayor Meenatchi"

This rare song is from the movie "Mayor Meenatchi'. This film stars Jai Shankar, K R Vijaya and V K Ramaswamy. Certainly K.R.Vijaya was once the herione of a decade in Tamil Film Industry. It is a hero dominating industry where heroines are mostly just part of it. I dont remember any other eroine hvaing had a chance to create a series of movies in her name. But K.R.Vijaya movies awere an exception. Movies like Mayor Meenatchi, Thirudi, Vaayadi, Gaslight Mangamma, etc are good examples. Even Namma Veetu Deivam can be included. Mayor Meenatchi directed by Madurai Thirumaran was based on a novel in which a scavenger girl becomes a mayor. Jaishankar played the hero role in the movie. M.S.Viswanathan scored music and Kannadasan penned the lyrics.Without any doubt this song tops among all the songs of the movie. The movie also has "Evalo Oru Pennam" by P.Suseela, "Thirumurugan Aruginile Vallikkuraththi" by PJ and VJ, "Kodi vitta chirumallip poove" by VJ.This movie was released on 1976 in which Ilayaraja was introduced to Tamil Movies through Annakkili.

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