A Rare M G Ramachandran-Latha Hit from the Movie "Sirithu Vazha Vendum"

This rare to hear song has been sung by Vani Jayaram and TMS. Music is by M S Viswanathan and lyrics by Kannadasan. This is Vani Jayaram's (VJ) first song for a MGR film - the Pillayar Suzhi for a short but glorious chapter of VJ's songs for MGR starrers. The movie was directed by S.S.Balan- S.S.Vasan's son. Other songs include the alluring "Konja neram ennai marandhen"(TMS,SJ) and the appealing "Mera naam Abdul Rehman"(TMS).

VJ starts off the song: Pon mana chemmalai pun pada cheithathu yaaro, athu yaaro?
Un manam enbathum en manam enbathum vero arivaaro?

(Going by the words, it would seem that MGR is either physically hurt or upset about something and Latha is trying to nurse/pacify him), but she apparently has other designs as well, going by her next lines:

Unnai oru sei pol naan thaalaatta
vanna chiru sevvaayil then ootta
thiru meni nalamaagalaam, thigattadha sugam kaanalaam
vilagaamal naam uravaadalaam!

Immediately, MGR seems to recover sufficiently to sing:

Mannavan en manam pun pada seithathu kanne undhan kanne
kannathin muththathil kaayangal aaridum penney pasum ponney!!

A different type of nursing - nothing clinical about it!! Nonetheless, a gentle, melodious duet.

Courtesy: http://www.vanijairam.com/Pages/Vani1974.html