Another yester year Kamal Movie Song from "Manmadha Leelai"

Manmadha Leelai is a Tamil-language film starring Kamal Haasan in the lead role, Madhu. The film directed by K Balachander also has Halam (Rekha) as Madhu's wife. A number of women actors debuted through this film, including Jayaprada as Kannagi, Y. Vijaya as Miss. Wrong Number, among others. The film also marked the debut of actor Radha Ravi, son of popular actor M. R. Radha. The film explores the life journey of a womaniser (Kamal Hassan) and his affairs with various women, including those who are married, and tells finally that nothing will last forever except one's own wife's love and others are passing clouds.

Balachander's directorial finesse shows in most of the scenes in the film. Even though it stirred up controversies, when it was released, later it became a cult classic. Controversies arose during the release, only because of the reason that Balachander was at least 10 years ahead of the film-makers who were making movies during those periods and tended to say whatever he wanted to say through his movies in a bold and straight-forward manner.

This song has been sung by P Susheela and SPB. Music is by M S Viswanathan and Lyrics by Kannadasan.

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