Super Hit Song from the 1970s - MGR Hits

This is a super hit song from the movie Naallai Namathey (1975) starring MGR (double role), Latha, Nagesh, Chandramohan (Telugu Actor) and others. this movie was the remake of the super hit Bollywood movie Yadhon Ki Bharath. The movie had been directed by Sethumadhavan and the music for this movie had been scored by MSV. This particular song had been sung by SPB and TMS. The movie's plot had been typical of several Hindi movies that had been released in the 1970s wherein a family that has been separated by some violence/mishap reunites after 25 years (which had been the norm) and the family song usually had a role to play in reuniting the separated family members! This particular song is one such song which helps the brothers recognize each other and get reunited.

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