Man's Meaningless Lifelong External Quest! - Song Featuring The Two Great Ganesans of Tamil Cinema

Man's eternal and endless quest for happiness, love, affection, success (without ever being able to comprehend what success really is) and everything else has always been external. An existence  fraught with extreme mental stress, mainly due to self-imposed unrealistic societal pressures and limited by a myriad assortment of complex imaginary fears, is often characterized by the futile quest for  meaning and purpose in life. This song mocks at this foolish and lifelong quest of human beings who are completely at a loss as to where they need to look for it and not knowing what is it they are looking for in the first place! It makes absolute sense to look inside for happiness and to live life successfully with a firmly established internal locus of control. This song features the two great Ganesans of Tamil Cinema Sivaji and Gemini - Movie Thiruvarutchelvar. Direction A P Nagarajan. Music K V Mahadevan. Such Profound Words that are Lyrical with so much of Depth and Meaning can be from the one and only Kannadasan!

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