Don't be Lazy! Inspirational Song! Sensational Super Hit Movie Starring, Produced and Directed by MGR!

Naadodi Mannan is a Sensational Super Hit Movie starring M. G. R in the lead role supported by P Bhanumathi, Saroja Devi and others. MGR himself had produced and directed this movie. Commenting on the title Nadodi Mannan, MGR is said to have confessed that if the movie profited, he would be a King (Mannan); if it flopped, he would be a homeless nomad (Nadodi). The movie was in the making for a few years. All dedicated members of MGR’s entourage were put to work night and day on the project. K. Ramnoth was appointed to direct this movie, but upon his sudden demise on 4 October 1956, MGR had taken up the direction responsibilities. The latter portions depicting the happenings in the island were shot in colour. In turn, MGR received help from unexpected parties. B. Nagi Reddy had supported by allowing MGR for grand sets in Vijaya Studios, which was then Asia's biggest film studio. Until then only studio owners could make movies with magnificent sets. Likewise, S. S. Vasan of Gemini Studios had lent his expensive equipment voluntarily so that the miniature shots scenes would come out well. It is believed that it was the only time that any equipment of Gemini Studious was ever permitted to be taken out of the premises. Another person to support the venture was Senior Director K. Subramanyam who had been requested by MGR to oversee his work. K. Subramanyam had attended just one shooting schedule and was so impressed with MGR’s diligent approach that felt that there was no need for anyone to supervise MGR. K. Subramanyam in turn had made all arrangements for many of the outdoor shoots, especially at Munnar and he even flew to Bombay to ensure a fresh supply of color film so that the shooting could continue uninterrupted. (Source: Wikipedia). This particular song is an inspirational song written by the famous lyricist Pattukottai Kalyanasundaram, motivating lazy people. Music for this particular song was composed by S M Subbaiah Naidu and sung by TMS. The film was released in the year 1958. It was a super duper hit and ran for more than 100 days in all major centres. The Film was re-released in 2005 and ran successfully for 100 days yet again 50 years later!