Hit Song from a Superhit Comedy Movie (1964)

This is a hit song from the evergreen comedy movie Kaadhalikka Naeramillai starring Muthuraman, Balaiah, Nagesh, V S Raghavan, Ravichandran (debut), Kanchana, Rajashree, Sachchu and others. The film was directed by Sridhar and music scored by M.S.Viswanathan. This is easily the most Wodehousian of all Indian movies. From beginning to end,its a laugh riot. The basic plot of mistaken identities is a common staple of many Wodehouse novels, but its spirit has never been captured so well in Indian cinema. The story,the dialog, the music, the cinematography, the direction all come together in a perfect, heady concoction never experienced before or since in Tamil cinema. This was the first Tamil film to be shot in Eastman colour. Sridhar's handling of the light-comedy subject matter was a revelation, coming on the heels of his highly-successful tear-jerkers. Comedic geniuses Balaiah and Nagesh, playing the roles of a rich father and a movie-mad son, play off each other in scintillating fashion. The scene where Nagesh narrates a ghost story to Balaiah and scares him out of his wits is a classic sequence. The heroes, Muthuraman and a young Ravichandran, are ideal for their roles. So are the heroines,Kanchana and Rajshree. Sachhu too has excelled, playing Nagesh's aspiring movie heroine and his love-interest. Enjoy the song.

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