One of the Greatest Hits of all Time - Year 1965

This song is one of the biggest hit Tamil songs of all time from the super hit movie Enga Veettu Pillai starring MGR, Saroja Devi, Nambiar and others. The storyline of the movie is as follows (Courtesy Wikipedia). Ramu(MGR) is the cowardly one of the 2 MGRs (Double Role) - the heir to all riches of Poonjolai Zameen. He has been brought up that way by his uncle Narendran(Nambiar). Ramu shivers at the very mention of his uncle's name and a whiplash is Narendran's favorite form of punishment. Narendran wants to get Ramu married to Leela(Saroja Devi) but she is turned off by his cowardice. Ilango(MGR) is a jobless young man, prone to pick a fight and for this reason, the cause of trouble for his mother. Circumstances lead to Ramu and Ilango taking each others' place. Ilango teaches a lesson to Narendran while Ramu learns the ways of the world. The translation of the first few words of the song is as follows. "If I give an order, and that order is followed, the poor will not suffer any hardship". This movie was released in 1965 and MGR became the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu in 1977!

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