Latest Hit Song - Favourite of Today's Youngsters

This is a hit song from the recently released hit movie Paiyaa starring Karthi (Sivakumar's son and Surya's brother) and Tamanna. The music has been composed by Yuvan Shankar Raja, Illayaraja's son and the lyrics have been written by Muthukumar. The movie has been directed by Linguswamy. The number of different uploads of this song on Youtube and the cumulative number of views for all the postings (in the millions) is ample proof for the song's status as a favourite of today's youngsters. The film revolves around the incidents taking place during a road journey of a young couple from Bangalore to Bombay. A jobless carefree guy, is asked by a young IT employee, incidentally the girl he will fall in love with, to escort her from Bangalore to Bombay. The incidents which ensue and the obstacles they have to face and how they bond together during the journey, forms the movie's storyline.

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