A Comical Song from a Great Comedy Movie

This song is from the K Balachandar movie Bhaamaa Vijayam (1967) starring Nagesh, Muthuraman, Major Sundar Rajan, T S Balaiah, Kanchana, Sowcar Janaki, Rajashree, Jayanthi, Srikanth and others. The movie revolves around the drastic change in the lives of the members of a simple middle income group family when a movie star arrives to stay in the neighboring house. The movie is hilarious to say the least. The movie had been directed by K Balachandar and the music for the movie had been composed by MSV. This particular song had been sung by TMS and LR Easwari. The song had been written by Kannadasan. Sivaji Ganesan had referred to Balaiah as one of his gurus the other one being MR Radha. You can see the genius of Balaiah in action in this song!

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