A Super Hit Tamil Movie Inspired by Alladdin's Lamp and the Magical Genie! Adapted from the Hit Hollywood Movie 'The Brass Bottle'

This is a rarely played song from the hit movie Pattinathil Bhootham starring Jaishankar, K R Vijaya, Nagesh, Balaji and others. The music for this song had been scored by R Govardhanam and sung by P Susheela and T M Soundararajan. The song has been written by Kannadasan. This movie had been a remake of the hit Hollywood film 'The Brass Bottle' (which had also done well in India), by ‘Javer’ Seetharaman, a lawyer-turned-film person, who had been an expert in adapting foreign novels and movies. He had also played the role of the ‘Bhootham’ (based on the Alladin's Lamp and his Magical Genie) himself! The movie had been extremely popular with children those days, mainly because of the Genie and the magic tricks played by him. The magical phrase "Zee Boom Bhaa" uttered by the Genie everytime he performs a magic trick had been extremely popular with kids those days and is used by children even today. Nagesh had been his brilliant self, as usual in the supporting role as Jaishankar's friend.