Sivaji Hits - Yaar Antha Nilavu

This song is from the movie Shanthi, sung wonderfully by T M Soundararajan. The music had been scored by Viswanathan Ramamurthy. In this song there are many close-ups of Sivaji smoking nonchalantly. Nowadays it is unthinkable to even attempt to capture any actor’s closeup. For the song "Yaar Antha Nilavu Yaen Intha Kanavu" both Kaviarasar and MSV were impressed with the way the music and the lyrics had turned out. They wanted Sivaji to do something different for this song scene. When they had met Sivaji to discuss this, the latter had been holding a cigarette in between his lips. This had given them an idea. They requested Sivaji to deliver the lip movement for the whole song with a cigarette in his mouth. Sivaji had obliged and the song had came out well on screen and was widely acclaimed by the audience of the day. Enjoy the song.

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