Prabhu Hits - Aagaaya Vennilaave

This is a hit song from the comedy suspense thriller(!) movie Arangetra Vel(l)ai starring Prabhu, V K Ramasamy, Revathy, Jaiganesh, Anju, Janakaraj and others. The movie had been directed (remade from the original Malayalam movie Ramoji Rao Speaking) by the famous Malayalam director Faazil. Faazil was not the director of the original movie incidentally (Lal & Siddique). This particular song features Prabhu and Revathy and V K Ramasamy and has been sung by K J Yesudas and Uma Ramanan. The lyrics have been written by the evergreen lyricist of Tamil Cinema Vaali. Prabhu has a flair for comedy and the comedy sequences involving Prabhu, V K Ramasamy and Revathi are enjoyable. The movie starts with small playful tiffs between Prabhu and Revathi and goes on to take a twist when a wrong call of a kidnapper is received mistakenly by Prabhu. The movie finally ends with solutions to all the twists and turns with the intervention and generosity of the kidnapped girl's father played well by Jaiganesh.  Eventually this movie had been made in Hindi by Priyadarshan and the movie had been a huge hit.

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