Vinay Hits - Mudhal Mudhalaaha

This is a hit song from the movie Unnaale Unnaale starring Vinay, Sadhaa, Tanishaa and others. this movie had been directed by Jeeva and the music for the movie had been composed by Harris Jayaraj. Tanisha who has acted in this movie as one of the heroines is the younger sister of the famous Bollywood actress Kajol who are both the daughters of the famous Bollywood heroine of yesteryears Tanuja. The plot is slightly male chauvinistic in the sense that it revolves around a hero who is the centre of affection of two girls, one who shows her affection by moving away and the other who catches him on the rebound and seems to like him the way he is. The movie has been successful in appealing to the young male movie going population of today who are the primary target for all movie makers of current times. It is this segment which brings in the ticket and audio sales.

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