The Greatest Female Voice of Indian Cinema! Acknowledged by The Great Legendary Singer of Hindi Cinema Lata Mangeshkar!

The Great Legendary Singer of Hindi Cinema Lata Mangeshkar used to visit Chennai often during the 1960s and usually stayed at Sivaji's residence 'Annai Illam'  in T Nagar. During one such visit, while discussing about her favourite singers, apparently she had mentioned P Susheela's name and credited her to be the greatest voice that Indian Cinema has ever heard.  Can there be any better tribute to Susheela than this? Skill can be developed and honed by everyone but the level to which one can raise his or her skill is limited by individual abilities and the quantum of practice. But talent is god given and there is no limit to which a person can be gifted by god in any particular art form. 17,695 songs in 6 languages as certified by the Guinness Book of World Records is a true recognition of P Susheela's achievements. The truly gifted P Susheela, an epitome of singing talent, has rendered this evergreen song in her own effortless and inimitable style. Telugu being her mother tongue her stunningly perfect diction of Tamil is incredible. There can never be anyone even remotely close to her is the truth as mentioned in an earlier post. This song is from the super hit movie Paalum Pazhamum starring Sivaji, Sarojadevi, Sowcar Janaki and others. Vairamuthu the lyricist had once mentioned in an interview he wished to hear this particular song, as and when the time comes for him to breathe his last and pass away from this world while listening to it. This is as good a tribute to P Susheela as anything can ever be! MSV, Kannadhasan, TMS, P Susheela with all the great actors, actresses and directors had created such timeless classics. Music for this song was composed by Viswanathan - Ramamoorthy.