Murugan Songs - Muthai Tharu from Arunagirinaathar

This is a verse from the famous Tamil literary work Thiruppugazh by Arunagirinaathar who had sung it with the blessing of Lord Muruga himself. It is exactly this scene which has been portrayed in this song by TMS who has played the role of Arunagirinaathar. The role of Lord Muruga has been played by young Raghuram (the famous choreographer). The song of course has been sung by TMS himself in his inimitable style. Be it clarity, tone, tenor, diction or mastery of the language no one has or ever will come even remotely close to TMS. The life story of Arunagirinaathar is the symbolic representation of the famous saying To Err is Human and To Forgive is Divine. There is hope for each and everyone of us. But it doesn't mean we can keep on erring of course!

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