MGR Hits - Kadaloram Vaangiya Kaathu

This is a hit song from the movie Rikhsha Kaaran starring MGR, Manjula, Padmini, Major Sundar Rajan and others. This particular song features MGR and Manjula. the music for the movie had been composed by M S Viswanathan and this song had been written by Vaali. MGR had won the National Award for best actor for this film an award which has not been won by Sivaji even once! Sivaji had won the National Award in the Special Jury Award category for his supporting role in the movie Thevar Magan. This movie was released around the time MGR formed his own party and the message about how he will show to the world what kind of a leader and person he is has been given in the other song in this movie Ange Sirippavargal.

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