Jaishankar Hits - Naan Unnai Vaazhthi Paadugiren

This is a hit song from the movie Nootrukku Nooru directed by K Balachander, starring Gemini Ganesan, Jaishankar, Lakshmi, Nagesh, Srividhya, Vijaya Lalitha and others. This song features Vijayalalitha and not Vijayalakshmi as mentioned in this post on Youtube. This movie was released in 1970 almost 40 years back. This movie was sort of a suspense thriller which portrays the unexpected turn of events in the life of a college professor. It shows in the end how he extricates himself from all the false accusations that have been flung upon him. The students are all with the professor through all this in spite of the rest of the society refusing to believe that he is innocent (including his fiance). The music for this movie has been composed by V Kumar and not MSV!

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