Sivaji Hits - Thirumaal Perumaikku

This can also be tagged as a devotional hit. This hit song is from the movie Thirumaal Perumai starring Sivaji, Padmini, Sivakumar and others. This song has been written by Kannadhasan and the music has been composed by the great music composer K V Mahadevan. This song depicts the ten Avathaarams of Lord Vishnu. The evolution of all life forms in the planet are depicted in the Dasaavathaaram starting with the Piscean form, Reptile, Mammalian form and ending in the divine form of God himself. The second half potrays the evolution of human beings ,starting with the part man-part animal form of Narasimha, to the dwarf form of Vaamanaa, to the Angry Man form of Parasurama (an angry man is not a complete man!), to the perfect man Rama, to Krishna (the divine form any human being can evolve into provided he takes the right path)

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