Rajni Hits - Raakkammaa Kaiyya Thattu

This is a hit song from the movie Thalapathi starring Rajnikanth, Mammooty, Shobana, Banupriya and others. The movie had been directed by Maniratnam and the music for the movie had been scored by Illayaraja. This song features Rajnikanth and Sonu Walia. Sonu Walia had been crowned Miss India 1985 ((Miss India 1984 had been Juhi Chawla)and had gone on to act in several Hindi movies after this. This movie is loosely based on the great India Epic The Mahabharatha with Rajnikanth as Karna, Mammooty as Duryodhan and Arvind Swamy as Arjun! Now Maniratnam is in the process of making Ramayana! This song had almost won and online contest a few years back as the greatest song of all time!

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