Murugan Songs - Arupadai Veedu Konda

This is a magical song that has its origins 2000 years back from the Sangam period of Tamil Naadu. This version is sort of an abridged version of the original Classical Tamil Literature song by Nakkeeranaar, Thiru Murugaatruppadai, which is part of the Sangam Literature collection Pathuppaattu. Legend has it that Lord Muruga appeared before Nakkeeranaar with his consorts to bless him to bless him even before he had completed the literary work. This is a special posting on the occasion of the Kanda Sashti Viratham period which is being observed currently (18th Oct 2009 to 23rd Oct 2009). Each day of the Viratham devotees recite songs and literary works about Lord Muruga. The song to be read/recited on the first day is Thiru Murugaatruppadai. This particular video is from the movie Kandan Karunai and features Sirghazhi Govindarajan and Sivakumar. The song has been sung by Sirghazhi Govindarajan in his 'Venkala Kural'! Incidentally it is this song in which actress Sridevi had made her first ever appearance (See 1.45 to 1.49 of video).

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