Devotional Song Hits - Marudhamalai Maamaniye

This is a hit song from the movie Thevarin Deivam on Marudhamalai Murugan sung by the classical music exponent Madurai Somu. The music composer Kunnakkudi Vaithyanathan had composed music for this song. He had mentioned about the god given gift of the lyricist Kannadaasan from his experience with him during the composition of this song. He had explained how Kannadaasan just kept churning out line after line of the song with out any hesitation as he kept increasing the tempo of the music on his violin till it reaches a crescendo (watch 4.34 to 6.18 on the video). In fact during the last bit of the song (Paninyadhu, Mazhaiyadu...) Vaithyanathan had actually just given a difficult bit of music as a challenge to the poet than his actual composition. But to every one's amazement including ours Kannadaasan had just reeled of these words which are so meaningful, rhyming and perfectly as per Tamil grammar! Truly God's Gift! In the video you can see Kunnakkudi Vaithyanathan seated on the dais beside Madurai Somu playing the violin.

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