The Greatest Actor Ever in a Different Role. The First Tamil Movie to have been Filmed in Europe!

This is a hit song from the movie "Sivantha Mann", starring Sivaji, Kanchana, Nagesh, Nambiar, Ranga Rao and others. The movie was directed by Sridhar and had not done very well at the box office. The songs were a hit, in particular this one. The songs are bound to be hits when you have a combination of the likes of MSV, TMS, P Susheela, Kannadasan and Sivaji. Kanchana was introduced by Sridhar in the earlier block buster of his "Kaadhalikka Naeramillai". According to C. V. Sridhar's autobiography, Sivantha Mann had evolved from Andru Sinthiya Rattam, a script originally written for MGR. It was the first Tamil film to be shot extensively in foreign locations – a "great novelty in those days". Filming took place largely in Europe in countries like Switzerland, France, Italy, Germany and the Alps. The rest of the film was shot back in India. A set that included and entire river had been created at Vauhini Studios for shooting some of the main sections of the movie. Before filming began it gave way, leading to the entire studio being flooded. An unfazed Sridhar decided to have the riverbed rebuilt with concrete. After the film's release, many subsequent Tamil and Telugu films were inspired to be shot in France. The story was an off-beat one and was not received very well by the audience. This particular song was shot in Europe, a rarity in those days. Enjoy the song!

Auspicious First Song! Super Hit First Movie! Starting Point of A Phenomenal Acting Career!

This is Kamal Hassan's first movie and first song, marking the beginning of a phenomenal and illustrious film career spanning over six decades and going strong even now! Kalathur Kannama is a Tamil romantic drama film starring Gemini, Savithri, Kamal and others. Gemini Ganesan meets Savithri in a Train and falls in love with her. Savithri is the daughter of S V Subbaiah who works for Balaiah. Balaiah the father of Gemini who is opposed to his son marrying beneath his status, convinces Savithri to leave the village. Savithri gives birth to a baby boy, who is however left at an Orphanage by her dad Subbaiah. Finally, Balaiah reveals the truth to Gemini Ganesan and he reunites with Savithri. There have been varying accounts of the story regarding Kamal Hassan's entry into this film: V. S. Srinivasan of Rediff once said that young Hassan had accompanied a doctor who had gone to treat an ill woman at the residence of A V Meiyappan. On hearing a loud noise from a first-floor tenant of the bungalow, the doctor was concerned that it was disturbing his patient. Young Kamal Hassan strode up the stairway to ask the noisemaker (AVM) not to shout over the phone as he was disturbing someone who was ill, leaving the person astonished. An impressed Meiyappan later provided Kamal Hassan an entry into films through this movie. However, the other version is that when Hassan accompanied a family doctor of Meiyappan to his house, Meiyappan's son, producer M. Saravanan noticed Hassan as a hyperactive and bold child. He took him over and introduced young Kamal Hassan to his dad Meiyappan who was looking for a young boy to act in Kalathur Kannamma. The rest as they say is history! Six Decades and more to come of a phenomenal acting and movie career! Music: R. Sudarsanam, Direction: A. Bhimsingh. Lyrics: Vaali, Singer: M S Rajeswari.

Two Great Voices! One Violin Virtuoso Unrecognized as a Composer! One Unsung Lyricist! - Great Song!

Two Great Voices! One Violin Virtuoso not recognized to the extent that he deserves to be  as a Composer! One Unsung Lyricist! All these greats have come together to create this Great Song!This is a song from the movie Agathiyar featuring two of the Greatest Voices of all time, paying their tribute to Lord Shiva through music. T R Mahalingam and Sirgazhi Govindarajan who have played the roles of Agathiyar and Naradhar in this movie have rendered this song impeccably in their own inimitable styles. Such true original voices are extremely rare, combined with such great classical music talent has created this timeless classic. Credit goes to the multifaceted legendary exponent and music composer Kunnakudi Vaidyanathan for having showcased the divine talent of such great singers with his composition. The lyrics for this movie was written by one of the unsung heroes of the Tamil Movie Industry, Ulundurpettai Shanmugam.

Charismatic Super Star! Positive Energy Personified! - True Favourite of the People! The Evergreen MGR!

One of the special qualities of MGR and the reason for his immense popularity is probably the Positive Energy that seems to radiate from him even if it is on just the small screen. There can be no doubt that the success of his movies and songs were a result of the immense hard work from the great team of legendary Directors, Composers, Lyricists, Singers, Co-Artists and other extremely talented Technicians. But beyond all these, no one can deny the natural charisma and positive energy that MGR had! Movie :Paasam, Directed by T. R. Ramanna, Produced by T. R. Ramanna & T. R. Rajakumari, Starring M. G. Ramachandran, B. Saroja Devi, Kalyan Kumar, Sheela, T. R. Rajakumari Music by M. S. Viswanathan & T. K. Ramamoorthy, Lyrics: Kannadasan Distributed by RR Pictures, Release date(s) 1962.

The Unknown Side of Mohan Sharma! An Actor Producer Who is Much More Than Actress Lakshmi's Ex-Husband!

Mohan Sharma (Actress Lakshmi's Ex-Husband) was born in Tattamangalam, a sleepy village near Coimbatore. Mohan Sharma had his formative education in Tattamangalam and Chittur. Mohan Sharma served in the panel of examiners in Anna University for about 10 years. He is a polyglot who can read, write and speak in 4 languages namely Tamil, Malayalam, English and Hindi. Being an ardent fan of vegetarian food, cooking Palghat cuisine remains his passion. He is the first South Indian Actor to have graduated from the Film and Television Institute of India, Pune, and to have made a mark in the South Indian Film and Television Industry as a leading Actor. During a career spanning almost 40 years, he has acted in over 150 films in leading and supporting roles in all South Indian Languages. He has produced 15 films in Tamil, Telegu, Malayalam and Kannada and is probably the only successful actor/producer to have produced films in all major South Indian Languages.This rare song is from the movie "Nadagame Ulagam". V Kumar has composed the music for this movie directed by Krishnan Panju. This song sung by SPB and Vani Jayaram features K R Vijaya and Mohan Sharma. This song was very popular on Vivid Bharati in the late 70's and early 80's. Despite the existence of a huge number of 24 hours music channels these days, many songs such as this one are rarely ever seen on television! Enjoy the song!

Bengali Actresses in Tamil Movies! The Other Nandita!

There have been several Bengali Actresses who have featured in Tamil Movies over the years, Reema Sen, Kajol, Riya Sen, to name a few. Nandita Das was highly acclaimed for her roles in the moves Azhagi and Kannathil Muthamittaal. This song features the other Naandit(h)a, Nanditha Bose who was very popular in Malayalam Movies apart from having featured in a few Tamil movies such as this one. This is a rare song from the movie, "Oru Kudumbathin Kathai". The song has been rendered by K J Yesudas and B S Sasirekha under the music direction of Shankar Ganesh. Muthuraman and the afore mentioned Nanditha Bose have essayed the main characters in this film. As mentioned earlier she had been a prominent lead actress during the 1970s in Malayalam, Tamil, Hindi, and Bengali films. She was well noted for her performance in the Malayalam movies Achaani(1973), Panitheeratha Veedu(1973) and Dharmayudham (1973). Currently she is busy acting in Television serials. Enjoy this melodious song.

Rare Song! Rare Movie! Rare Pairing! Year 1969

This is a Rare Song from a Rare Movie featuring the Rare Pairing of Muthuraman and Saroja Devi who have acted together in just a handful of movies. This beautiful song has been rendered in exemplary fashion by P Susheela under the music direction of M S Viswanathan for the movie, "Odum Nathi".  This movie was directed by Dada Mirasi for Chitra Mahal productions in the year 1969. Ravichandran, Balaiah and Nagesh have performed supporting roles in the movie. Nothing much is known about this movie, (not even a Wikipedia or IMDB Posting!) although it appears from the scenes in the song that Balaiah is looking for a suitable bride for his son who happens to be Ravichandran. The movie also has other popular songs apart from this one which mentions about the famous deity Vayalur Murugan who is the favourite deity of the great Kirupaananda Vaariyaar.

The Greatest Composer Ever in Combination with the Greatest Lyricist Ever! Kannadasan's Concise and Precise Extract of the Bhagavad Gita!

This outstanding composition by the Great MSV is from the movie Apoorva Raagangal (1975) directed by K. Balachander. The film features Kamal Haasan &  Srividya in lead roles with Rajinikanth, Jayasudha, Nagesh, Major Sundar Rajan in supporting roles. The Kannadasan - MSV pairing is truly an act of God done in order to give the world innumerable timeless classics. There are so many stories behind this song and this movie. This is Rajnikanth's first movie. Srividhya plays the role of a Character inspired by her mother the Great Carnatic Vocalist M L Vasanthakumari. This story is inspired by the 25th story of the legend of Baital Pachisi from 2500 years back. Kannadasan has given a concise and precise extract of the Bhagavad Gita in just this one song. Two creative geniuses have come together to create this timeless classic. Incidentally this song has been sung by Vani Jayaram who came to the Tamil Movie Industry from Bollywood.

Comical Song from an All-Time Great Tamil Comedy Movie featuring the Sivaji-Nagesh Team! Year - 1968

This is a comical song from the super hit comedy movie Galaattaa Kalyaanam (1968) starring Sivaji Ganesan, Jayalalitha, Nagesh, K. A. Thangavelu, Cho Ramaswamy, A. V. M. Rajan, V. Gopalakrishnan, VS Raghavan, Senthamarai, Sachu, Manorama, Jothi Lakshmi and others. The movie brought Sivaji and Jayalalitha together for the first time. This movie showcased Jayalalitha's flair for comedy. The Sivaji-Nagesh Team having produced some of the most popular and remembered sequences in Tamil Cinema, has excelled in comedy, producing one of the most enjoyable comical movies of all time.  Gopu had once said in an interview that it was Jayalalitha who had introduced him to the works of the great comical genius P G Wodehouse whose works were the inspiration for some of of Gopu's directorial successes such as his debut movie as director Kaasedhaan Kadavuladaa (Leave it to PSmith). This movie Galaattaa Kalyaanam was written by Gopu, working for the first time on his own, away from his long-term successful partnership with Sridhar. Incidentally this movie was directed by C V Sridhar's brother and the very successful director C V Rajendran. Music for this peppy number was composed by MSV, Lyrics Vaali, Singers, TMS, PBS, P Susheela and L R Eashwari.

Galaxy of Stars! Super Hit Pair! Super Hit Movie! Super Hit Song!

This is a super hit song from one of the all time great hit movies of Tamil Cinema, Thillaanaa Mohanaambaal. The cast is a literal compilation of the Who's Who of Tamil Cinema. Sivaji and Padmini in the leading role are supported by the doyens of the Tamil movie industry, Balaiah, Thangavelu, T R Ramachandran, Sahaswaranamam, Nagaiah, Nambiar, C K Saraswathi, Karunanidhi, the list goes on. There are the juniors as well if you can call them that, Nagesh, Balaji, AVM Rajan, Manorama, well as mentioned earlier it is an endless list. It takes a lot to dominate with your acting skills amongst such a galaxy of stars. But one actor stands out in the movie effortlessly not just with his flair for comedy but with his extraordinary acting too! It is Nagesh of course as the inimitable and imperturbable Vaithi! Truly a legend! This particular clip is unique in the sense it starts with the prelude to the song. The song features Padmini performing on stage and Sivaji and his troupe trying to watch it discretely since they have had a small tiff with Padmini and her troupe earlier. Manorama impresses with her expression of appreciation although her appearance in this song is a brief fleeting moment. Enjoy the song!

Mistaken Identities, Hidden Pasts, Great Music! A Star-Studded Romantic Comedy from 1967

This is a hit song from the  superhit comedy movie Ooty Varai Uravu starring Sivaji Ganesan, K. R. Vijaya, Muthuraman, L. Vijayalakshmi, T.S. Baliah, V.K. Ramasamy, Nagesh, Sachchu and others. The movie had been directed by Sridhar and the music had been composed by MSV. This particular song had been sung by P B Srinivas and L R Easwari. This song features Muthuraman and Vijayalakshmi. The movie’s plot revolves around the hidden past life of Balaiah (Sivaji’s father) and the mixup in the identities of K R Vijaya and Vijayalakshmi. Though Sivaji himself comes to know the actual truth, early in the movie, he manipulates the events such that Balaiah himself admits the truth finally. The movie has brilliant performances by the entire cast and the comedy sequences featuring Balaiah, Nagesh, VKR and Sachchu, ably supported by the leading actors is hilarious and entertaining to say the least. Sachchu had mentioned in an interview how she had had a really hard time shooting for the movie, unable to restrain herself from laughing at Nagesh’s antics during every single shot. Incidentally this movie was the last movie of L Vijayalakshmi who got married to an Agricultural Scientist from Philippines after this movie. She then settled down in the US and pursued her higher studies to become a qualified Certified Public Accountant (CPA). She went on to become the Finance Director of the Virginia Polytechnic University in the US. All the songs in this movie had been hit songs and written by Kannadasan. This movie is a safe bet to watch during a family get together, sure to be enjoyed by the young and the old.




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