Master of Nine Emotions! The Multi-faceted, Versatile and People's Actor - Muthuraman!

Dancing Sensation of Bollywood with the Greatest Actor Ever! First Rock Song of Tamil Cinema!

The Greatest Playback Singing Pair of All Time! Complete Dominance Over a Period of Two Decades!

Comical Song Featuring an Unsung Comic Actor of Tamil Cinema!

MGR's Prophetic Advice to His Followers in the Year 1963! Fits the Prevailing Situation Perfectly Like a Bespoke Savile Row Suit Even Today After a Gap of 54 Years!

Comical Song from an All-Time Great Tamil Comedy Movie featuring the Sivaji-Nagesh Team! Year - 1968

Entered the Film Industry After Marriage! Actress with the Longest Career Span in the South Indian Movie Industry!

Haunting Melody! Spellbinding Lyrics! Adapted Song! Underrated Actor! A Timeless Classic Better than the Original!

Freedom Fighter, Journalist, Thespian, Composer, Playback Singer, Writer, Director - Successful in Every Pursuit! One of the Legendary Doyens of South Indian Film Industry!