Sun's Thousand Arms! The Greatest Actor Ever as the Greatest Archer and Philanthropist in History!

Hit Song from 1967. But Not by MSV!

Actress Par Excellence! The Female Sivaji of Tamil Cinema!

Master of Nine Emotions! The Multi-faceted, Versatile and People's Actor - Muthuraman!

Dancing Sensation of Bollywood with the Greatest Actor Ever! First Rock Song of Tamil Cinema!

The Greatest Playback Singing Pair of All Time! Complete Dominance Over a Period of Two Decades!

Comical Song Featuring an Unsung Comic Actor of Tamil Cinema!

MGR's Prophetic Advice to His Followers in the Year 1963! Fits the Prevailing Situation Perfectly Like a Bespoke Savile Row Suit Even Today After a Gap of 54 Years!

Comical Song from an All-Time Great Tamil Comedy Movie featuring the Sivaji-Nagesh Team! Year - 1968

Entered the Film Industry After Marriage! Actress with the Longest Career Span in the South Indian Movie Industry!

Haunting Melody! Spellbinding Lyrics! Adapted Song! Underrated Actor! A Timeless Classic Better than the Original!