Comedy Movie Comical Song - 1968

This is a comical song from the super hit comedy movie Galatta Kalyanam (1968) starring Sivaji Ganesan, Jayalalitha, Nagesh, K. A. Thangavelu, Cho Ramaswamy, A. V. M. Rajan, V. Gopalakrishnan, VS Raghavan, Senthamarai, Sachu, Manorama and others. The movie brought Sivaji and Jayalalitha together for the first time. This movie showcased Jayalalitha's flair for comedy. Gopu had once said it was Jayalalitha who had introduced him to the works of the great comical genius P G Wodehouse whose works were the inspiration for some of of Gopu's directorial successes such as his debut movie as director Kaasedhaan Kadavuladaa. This movie was written by Gopu, working for the first time on his own, away from his partnership with Sridhar. Incidentally this movie was directed by Sridhar's cousin C V Rajendran. Music MSV, Lyrics Vaali, Singers, TMS, PBS, P Susheel and L R Eashwari.

Tribute to MSV - The Greatest Composer Ever!

This outstanding composition by the Great MSV is from the movie Apoorva Raagangal (1975) directed by K. Balachander. The film features Kamal Haasan &  Srividya in lead roles with Rajinikanth, Jayasudha, Nagesh, Major Sundar Rajan in supporting roles. The Kannadasan - MSV pairing is truly an act of God done in order to give the world innumerable timeless classics. There are so many stories behind this song and this movie. This is Rajnikanth's first movie. Srividhya plays the role of a Character inspired by her mother the Great Carnatic Vocalist M L Vasanthakumari. This story is inspired by the 25th story of the legend of Baital Pachisi from 2500 years back. Kannadasan has given a concise and precise extract of the Bhagavad Gita in just this one song. Two creative geniuses have come together to create this timeless classic. Incidentally this song has been sung by Vani Jayaram who came to the Tamil Movie Industry from Bollywood.

Another Comedy Song

This is a comedy song from the movie Thenali starring Kamal Hassan, Jayaram, Jothika, Devyani and others. This song features Kamal dancing with Jothika and Devyani and has been picturized as a dream sequence. The music for the movie was composed by A R Rehman.

Kamal Prabhudeva Hit Song

This is a hit song from the movie Kaadhalaa Kaadhalaa starring Kamal Hassan, Prabhudeva, Rambha, Soundharya, Nagesh, Vadivelu, Sri Vidhya, MSV and others. This is a song featuring Kamal, Prabhudeva, Rambha and Soundharya. The movie is a hilarious comedy with non-stop comic sequences from start to finish. Karthik Raja has composed the music for the movie and the movie was directed by Singeetham Srinivasa Rao. This is a rare movie wherein MSV had showcased his acting skills!

Hit Song from 1967

This is a hit song from the movie Pattinathil Bootham starring Jaishankar, Nagesh, K R Vijaya, Balaji, Jawar Seetharaman and others. The details about the movie can be seen in an earlier post. This song was written by Kannadasan and the music was composed by R Govardhanam and not MSV as is the popular belief. The songs in this movie had all been very popular and great hits. Comic genius Nagesh's antics and expressions are something which one can never fail to notice, appreciate and enjoy, particularly children.

Sun's Thousand Arms! - Shivaji Hit 1964

This is a hit song from the Cult Classic Hit Movie Karnan starring Shivaji Ganesan, NTR, Asokan, Muthuraman, Savithri, Devika, Rajamma and others. This song written by Kannadasan as a prayer and tribute to the Sun is on par with the great classics from thousands of years ago. The music is by MSV and the song has been impeccably rendered by the three legends of Tamil Movie Industry TMS, Sirgazhi Govindarajan and PBS. Shivaji has not just portrayed but personified the great Karnan in this movie! Enjoy the song!

MGR Hit Song - 1975

This is a hit song from the movie Pallaandu Vaazhga starring MGR, Latha, M N Nambiyar, P S Veerappa, V K Ramasami, R S Manohar, Thengai Srinivasan and others. This movie was released in 1975 just two years before MGR made history in Tamil Nadu. There is a stanza in this song which says Tomorrow History might be Created by us! He did exactly that! These visionary lyrics were penned not by Vaali as one would suppose it to have been but by the famous lyricist Pulamaipithan who started his film career with the MGR Movie Kudiyiruntha Koil. Amazingly he has recently written a song for the 2014 movie Arima Nambi, starring Sivaji's Grand Son, 50 years after beginning his career!. The Thirukkural bit which is originally in the beginning of this song which makes it more classy is sadly missing in this clip. Music - K V Mahadevan.

Classic Hit Song from 1958

This is a hit song from the movie Vanjikottai Vaaliban, Starring Gemini Ganesan, Padmini, Vaijayanthimala and others. The other popular song from this movie is the famous dance off between Padmini and Vaijayanthimala. This particular song features Gemini and Vaijayanthimala.

New Month New Life

This is a hit song from the movie Thai Piranthaal Vzhi Pirakkum starring S.S. Rajendran, V.K. Ramaswamy, Rajasulochana, Prem Nazir, M.N. Rajam and others. There is a saying in Tamil "Thai Piranthaal Vazhi Pirakkum" which means, with the advent of the month of the Tamil Month "Thai" all problems will be solved and a new life begins with easy solutions to all problems. Tomorrow is Thai 1. Just Tamil Songs wishes everyone a New Beginning Tomorrow with a New Life filled with happiness and absolutely without any problems!

MGR Hit Song from the 1970s

This is a hit song from the movie Ninaithathai Mudippavan starring MGR, Manjula, Latha, Saradha, Nambiar and others. Directed by P Neelakantan the music was scored M S V. This song has been sung by TMS in his inimitable style. There were four lyricists who wrote the songs for this movie, Kannadasan, Vaali, Maruthakasi and Pulamaipithan. This song was written by Maruthakasi. Enjoy the song!

Kannukulle Singam 2 - Surya Hits

This is a hit song from the movie Singam 2 starring Surya, Anushka and others. The kind of effort that goes into making a song and the number of times a single dance sequence has to be shot is truly amazing. If this is the case with experienced actors like Surya and Anushka the mind boggles to think what it would be with inexperienced actors. See the making of the song on youtube here. The end result is below.

Om Namashivaya - Kamal Hassan's Dancing Talent

This is a hit song from the movie Salangai Oli starring Kamal Hassan, Jayapradha, Sarath Babu and others. The movie is based on Kamal's dancing abilities. This song show cases Kamal Hassan's versatile dancing talent supported by very good performances by all the other actors. Incidentally Illayaraja won a National Award for this movie. The story is about Balakrishna (Kamal Haasan), a versatile dancer who wants to make it big in the field of art. But he keeps missing chances and his talent goes unnoticed and is ridiculed most of the times. He tries to battle poverty and at the same time realize his mother's dream of him turning into a great dancer. His life changes when he comes across Madhavi (Jayaprada), a beautiful girl who is also seriously interested in classical dance. She is fascinated by Bala's talent and she tries to help him get the recognition he deserves. They both soon become close friends and Madhavi gets Bala an opportunity to dance at the All India dance fest along with the country's best dancers. But a tragedy happens in Bala's life and he misses that chance. Their relationship further grows and Bala falls in love with Madhavi and proposes to her. But due to the unfortunate turn of events, they get separated and Bala sacrifices his love for the well-being of Madhavi. He turns into a drunkard ruining himself and his talent. What happens when Madhavi meets Bala several years after this, forms the rest of the story. (Courtesy Vivek Ranjit)







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