Just Tamil Songs

Master of Nine Emotions! The Multi-faceted, Versatile and People's Actor - Muthuraman!

Street Singer to Singing Sensation and Legendary Super Star! The Truly Golden Voice of Tamil Cinema!

Singer with a Bronze Voice! The Most Distinctive and Resonant Voice of Tamil Cinema!

Singer Super Star of the 1940s and 50s! One Supreme Voice of Tamil Cinema that Worried Even the Greatest of His Contemporaries!

Tamil Actress, Classical Dance Exponent, Politician and Bollywood Superstar! The Versatile and Inimitable Artist - Vyjayanthimala

The Greatest Female Voice of Indian Cinema! Acknowledged by The Great Legendary Singer of Hindi Cinema Lata Mangeshkar!

The Unsung Superstar of Tamil Cinema! The Other Ganesan!

Humorous Song featuring Three Superstars of Tamil Cinema! Suspense Thriller Comedy Series from the 1960s!

Can See a Bright Future Ahead! Two Great Geniuses at Work Again Supported by A Team of Extremely Talented Craftsmen!

Charismatic Super Star! Positive Energy Personified! - True Favourite of the People! The Evergreen MGR!

Most Popular Villain of Tamil Cinema who Acted in More than A 1000 Films! Exemplary Human Being in Real Life!