Galaxy of Stars! Super Hit Pair! Super Hit Movie! Super Hit Song!

This is a super hit song from one of the all time great hit movies of Tamil Cinema, Thillaanaa Mohanaambaal. The cast is a literal compilation of the Who's Who of Tamil Cinema. Sivaji and Padmini in the leading role are supported by the doyens of the Tamil movie industry, Balaiah, Thangavelu, T R Ramachandran, Sahaswaranamam, Nagaiah, Nambiar, C K Saraswathi, Karunanidhi, the list goes on. There are the juniors as well if you can call them that, Nagesh, Balaji, AVM Rajan, Manorama, well as mentioned earlier it is an endless list. It takes a lot to dominate with your acting skills amongst such a galaxy of stars. But one actor stands out in the movie effortlessly not just with his flair for comedy but with his extraordinary acting too! It is Nagesh of course as the inimitable and imperturbable Vaithi! Truly a legend! This particular clip is unique in the sense it starts with the prelude to the song. The song features Padmini performing on stage and Sivaji and his troupe trying to watch it discretely since they have had a small tiff with Padmini and her troupe earlier. Manorama impresses with her expression of appreciation although her appearance in this song is a brief fleeting moment. Enjoy the song!

Mistaken Identities, Hidden Pasts, Great Music! A Star-Studded Romantic Comedy from 1967

This is a hit song from the  superhit comedy movie Ooty Varai Uravu starring Sivaji Ganesan, K. R. Vijaya, Muthuraman, L. Vijayalakshmi, T.S. Baliah, V.K. Ramasamy, Nagesh, Sachchu and others. The movie had been directed by Sridhar and the music had been composed by MSV. This particular song had been sung by P B Srinivas and L R Easwari. This song features Muthuraman and Vijayalakshmi. The movie’s plot revolves around the hidden past life of Balaiah (Sivaji’s father) and the mixup in the identities of K R Vijaya and Vijayalakshmi. Though Sivaji himself comes to know the actual truth, early in the movie, he manipulates the events such that Balaiah himself admits the truth finally. The movie has brilliant performances by the entire cast and the comedy sequences featuring Balaiah, Nagesh, VKR and Sachchu, ably supported by the leading actors is hilarious and entertaining to say the least. Sachchu had mentioned in an interview how she had had a really hard time shooting for the movie, unable to restrain herself from laughing at Nagesh’s antics during every single shot. Incidentally this movie was the last movie of L Vijayalakshmi who got married to an Agricultural Scientist from Philippines after this movie. She then settled down in the US and pursued her higher studies to become a qualified Certified Public Accountant (CPA). She went on to become the Finance Director of the Virginia Polytechnic University in the US. All the songs in this movie had been hit songs and written by Kannadasan. This movie is a safe bet to watch during a family get together, sure to be enjoyed by the young and the old.

Greatest Actor Ever! - The Starting Point

This is a song from the movie Paraasakthi, the debut movie of Sivaji Ganesan the greatest actor the world has ever seen or will ever see! Parasakthi is a 1952 Tamil film starring Sivaji Ganesan, Pandari Bai, S. S. Rajendran, S. V. Sahasranamam, Sriranjani and others. It was directed by R. Krishnan and S. Panju (Krishnan - Panju) and produced by AVM. The film Parasakthi was released on Deepavali Day in the year 1952, after months of shooting and preparations.The story and dialogues written by M Karunanidhi is based on the tale of three brothers, Chandrasekaran (Sahasranamam), Gnanasekaran (S. S. Rajendran) and Gunasekaran (Sivaji Ganesan) who settle down in Burma during the Second World War. The youngest Gunasekaran gets the opportunity to visit India for the marriage of their younger sister Kalyani (Sriranjani) but as fate would have it, he gets stranded at sea due to intense Japanese bombardment of Burmese ports. The story evolves around  This particular song has been sung by C S Jayaraman, Lyrics by Udumalai Narayana Kavi and Music by R Sudarsanam. You can see the spark in Sivaji and his dominating screen presence even though this is his debut movie. Songs written by legendary lyricists such as Ku Ma Balasubramaniam, Papanasam Sivan, Udumalai Narayana Kavi and Pattukottai Kalyanasundaram of the era prior to Kannadasan are truly timeless classics.

God is in the Smile of a Child! God is in One's Intellect Developed by Reading! God is in the Philanthropic Efforts of Individuals!

God is in the Smile of a Child! God is in the Intellect Developed by Reading Good Books! God is in the Philanthropic Efforts of Individuals and in the True Joy One Gets by Playing a Role in the Development and Upliftment of the Underprivileged! This is a rough translation of a few words from this wonderful song!  Contrary to the popular belief that this song was written by Kannadasan this is a hit song written by Vaali. Vaali has written more than 15000 songs in a career spanning over 5 decades. He was able to adapt himself to the changing trends in the movie industry. He has written some of the most popular hits of MGR. This is a rare hit song written by Vaali for Sivaji. Music by MSV and sung by TMS. This song is from the movie Babu released in the year 1972 and had not done too well at the box office. This song features a young Sridevi with the legendary Sivaji Ganesan. The likes of Sridevi and Kamal Hassan had literally grown up amongst the greats and the legends of the Tamil Movie Industry. No wonder they are such good actors!

NSK's Partner, MGR's Mentor, Sivaji's Senior! Singer, Actor and Super Star of the 1940s and 50s - KRR

Like many of his contemporaries, K R Ramasamy started his life in theatre, joining the Madurai Original Boys Company when he was 11, which had also launched several other actors and Superstars such as P. U. Chinnappa, M. G. Ramachandran and Kali N. Rathinam. It was here that, KRR met Kalaivanar N. S. Krishnan and formed a bond that would last several years. He had travelled to Ceylon with the troupe and played several roles. One memorable one was the title role in the play Menaka — yes, he was the heroine!
He was playing Hemanatha Bhagavathar in Siva Leela in Kumbakonam when he heard that his father was dying. He would attend to his father the whole day and turn up for his role at night. So conscious was he of his professional responsibility that even on the day his father died, he completed the rituals and turned up for the night’s performance of Ramayana, where he was playing Hanuman.
KRR’s first film was Gumasthavin Penn (The Clerk’s Daughter) in 1941, where he played a troublesome film director called V. P. Var to great acclaim. It was during this time that he became a follower of Periyar and Anna. Anna wrote a review, praising KRR’s performance. The film’s assistant directors, Krishnan and Panju, promised KRR that they would cast him as hero when they directed a film. And in 1944, when they made Poompavai, they cast KRR as Thirugnanasambandar, a role he played to perfection, singing the songs himself.
Around this time, NSK handed over Yedhartham Ponnuswamy’s drama troupe to KRR to run. With the subsequent arrest of NSK, KRR fell out with T.A. Mathuram and S.V. Sahasranamam, left the troupe, and started his own Krishnan Nataka Sabha. He staged Anna’s play Velaikaari in 1946, which ran one full year at Ramanathan Chettiar Hall in Thanjavur. It was made into a film with KRR playing the lead in 1949. It had a court scene where the hero rids society of irrational beliefs and practices, repeated later by Karunanidhi in Parasakthi, Sivaji Ganesan’s launch pad.
KRR continued to act in plays even after he became a popular screen hero. A close follower and confidante of Anna, his plays were great fund-raisers for the fledgling DMK party.
He staged the play Or Iravu, written by Anna, and acted in the film version. He was with Anna and his party right from its inception in 1949. MGR has said that it was KRR who brought him to Periyar and Anna. Sivaji, too, considered KRR the senior actor in the party. In fact, Sivaji played the female lead when KRR acted as Manohara! Read more about him from the original source here.
This song is from the movie Sathaaram starring KRR, Banumathi, Gemini and others. Music by G Ramanathan, Lyrics by Thanjai Ramaiah Dass and sung by KRR himself.

Don't Be Scared of Poverty! Don't Forget that You Have the Talent to Overcome any Adversity!

Don't Be Scared of Poverty! Don't Forget that You Have the Talent to Overcome any Adversity! This is the rough translation and meaning of the first couple of lines of this super hit song from the 1961 movie Thirudathe starring MGR, Saroja Devi, M N Nambiar, K A Thangavelu, M N Rajam and others. The movie was directed by P Neelakantan. After the phenomenal success of Nadodi Mannan this is the movie that established MGR's status as a super star who can do equally well in period films as well as social dramas. He needed a talented writer to come up with the story and screenplay for a successful social drama and Kannadasan did exactly that for this movie. The movie was a super hit and ran for more than 150 days in most places. Kannadasan also wrote the lyrics of all the songs in this movie except for this one. The lyrics for this famous song was written by the legendary poet with prodigious talent, Pattukottai Kalyanasundaram. He wrote some of the most inspirational and motivational songs for MGR such as Thoongathe Thambi Thoongathe in Nadodi Mannan, Chinna Payale Chinna Payale in Arasilangumari apart from this one. The essence of this song is to motivate one to fearlessly face life and overcome life's adversities with the help of the innate character and talent which god has blessed each one of us with. We sometimes tend to forget our talent and get bogged down by adversities and self doubt. This song serves as a tonic to wake one up to use one's talent and realize one's true potential without looking for shortcuts to success. Be inspired! Realize your potential! Music by S M Subbaiah Naidu.

A Super Hit Tamil Movie Inspired by Alladdin's Lamp and the Magical Genie! Adapted from the Hit Hollywood Movie 'The Brass Bottle'

This is a rarely played song from the hit movie Pattinathil Bhootham starring Jaishankar, K R Vijaya, Nagesh, Balaji and others. The music for this song had been scored by R Govardhanam and sung by P Susheela and T M Soundararajan. The song has been written by Kannadasan. This movie had been a remake of the hit Hollywood film 'The Brass Bottle' (which had also done well in India), by ‘Javer’ Seetharaman, a lawyer-turned-film person, who had been an expert in adapting foreign novels and movies. He had also played the role of the ‘Bhootham’ (based on the Alladin's Lamp and his Magical Genie) himself! The movie had been extremely popular with children those days, mainly because of the Genie and the magic tricks played by him. The magical phrase "Zee Boom Bhaa" uttered by the Genie everytime he performs a magic trick had been extremely popular with kids those days and is used by children even today. Nagesh had been his brilliant self, as usual in the supporting role as Jaishankar's friend.

Man's Meaningless Lifelong External Quest! - Song Featuring The Two Great Ganesans of Tamil Cinema

Man's eternal and endless quest for happiness, love, affection, success (without ever being able to comprehend what success really is) and everything else has always been external. An existence  fraught with extreme mental stress, mainly due to self-imposed unrealistic societal pressures and limited by a myriad assortment of complex imaginary fears, is often characterized by the futile quest for  meaning and purpose in life. This song mocks at this foolish and lifelong quest of human beings who are completely at a loss as to where they need to look for it and not knowing what is it they are looking for in the first place! It makes absolute sense to look inside for happiness and to live life successfully with a firmly established internal locus of control. This song features the two great Ganesans of Tamil Cinema Sivaji and Gemini - Movie Thiruvarutchelvar. Direction A P Nagarajan. Music K V Mahadevan. Such Profound Words that are Lyrical with so much of Depth and Meaning can be from the one and only Kannadasan!

The First Illusion of Moonlight in Indian Cinema! - Super Hit Movie from 1957

This song is from the super hit movie Maya Bazaar released in the year 1957 simultaneously in Tamil and Telugu. The movie ran for 100 days in 24 theatres and eventually became a Silver Jubilee hit hitting the 25 weeks mark. The movie had stellar performances by its entire cast notable among them being S V Raga Rao as Kadothgajan, Gemini as Abhimanyu, NTR as Krishna, M N Nambiar as Sakuni, Savithri as Vathsala and Thangavelu as Lakana Kumaran. The story is an adaptation of the Telugu folk tale 'Sasirekha Parinayam' based on Mahabaratha. The story's one-liner is as follows - Krishna and Kadothgaja plot and work together to unite Abhimanyu, Arjuna and Subadhra's son with Vathsala (Sasirekha) who is the daughter of Balarama, against the wishes of the Kauravas and Balarama. It seems NTR had been reluctant initially to play the role of Krishna! But we know what happened after that and how NTR etched himself eternally into the minds of the South Indian Cine Audience as the living image of Krishna!  This particular song is apparently the first film sequence to have shown the Illusion of Moonlight in Indian Cinema and was shot by the famous Anglo-Indian Cinematographer Marcus Bartley who has several hit movies to his credit. The songs of this movie were written by Thanjai Ramaiah Dass and music was composed by Ghantasala. Enjoy this song and the illusion of moonlight filmed so beautifully with the limited facilities available those days.

The Greatest Female Voice of Indian Cinema! Acknowledged by The Great Legendary Singer of Hindi Cinema Lata Mangeshkar!

The Great Legendary Singer of Hindi Cinema Lata Mangeshkar used to visit Chennai often during the 1960s and usually stayed at Sivaji's residence 'Annai Illam'  in T Nagar. During one such visit, while discussing about her favourite singers apparently she had mentioned P Susheela's name and credited her to be the greatest voice that Indian Cinema has ever seen.  Can there be any better tribute to Susheela than this? Skill can be developed and honed by everyone but the level to which one can raise is limited by individual abilities. But talent is god given and there is no limit to which a person can be gifted by god in any particular art form. 17,695 songs in 6 languages as certified by the Guinness Book of World Records is a true recognition of P Susheela's achievements. The truly gifted P Susheela, an epitome of singing talent, has rendered this evergreen song in her own effortless and inimitable style. Telugu being her mother tongue her stunningly perfect diction of Tamil is incredible. There is or never will be anyone quite remotely close to her is the truth as mentioned in an earlier post. This song is from the movie Paalum Pazhamum starring Sivaji, Sarojadevi, Sowcar Janaki and others. Vairamuthu the lyricist had once mentioned in an interview he wished to hear this particular song, as and when the time comes for him to breathe his last and pass away from this world while listening to it. This is as good a tribute to P Susheela as anything can ever be! MSV, Kannadhasan, TMS, P Susheela with all the great actors, actresses and directors had created such timeless classics. Music for this song was composed by Viswanathan - Ramamoorthy.



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